Shandya Fajar, Filmmaker based in Indonesia.

Shandya Fajar

Digital Creator & Filmmaker
Est. 2016


Growing up in Malang City, Shandya Fajar has deep aspirations for creativity and storytelling. As a boy, he spent a lot of time watching films and tutorials which could support him in making short films with simple equipment.

As he got older, Shandya’s passion for video editing and making films grew stronger. He always pushed himself to learn new techniques and take on new challenges, driven by his natural competitiveness and desire to stand out in a common field.

Currently, Shandya is a self-taught filmmaker with a unique style of video editing who has won several awards. He has also worked with well-known brands such as Ducati, Innisfree, and Salomon.

However, for Shandya, it’s not just about rewards and recognitionit’s about the joy of creating something that resonates with people and tells an unforgettable story.

Shandya always gives his best to work on travel vlogs, equipment reviews, or commercial projects, driven by his love of creativity and passion.


Bachelor of Computer Science (B.C.S)

Brawijaya University — 2019


Independent Creative Director.

Capstura — 2023

Creative Director.

Kemana Aja — 2016-2022

Assistant Director & Editor.

Faris Kota Malang — 2018-2023

Video Editor.

YouTuber Malang — 2017-2020

Social Media Mgmt.

Ducati — 2019-2020


Panasonic Young Filmmaker

Lumix Indonsia — 2017




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